Ground Breaking – $40 Million Investment and 50 New Jobs in Mocksville!

Avgol America - Mocksville 2015 Ground Breaking

l-r: Will Marklin, Mocksville Mayor-Pro Tem; Terry Renegar, Davie County Board of Commissioners Chairman; David Hodgetts, Avgol COO; Terry Bralley, President Davie County EDC, Ronnie Batchler, Avgol VP Operations North America.

Avgol America today broke ground in Mocksville on a $40 million expansion that will make the Mocksville, NC Avgol America plant the single largest producer of non-woven fabrics in North America.  This $40 million investment by Avgol will create 50 new jobs here and add $36 million to the County’s tax base.

Located at 178 Avgol Drive in Mocksville, the company will hold a job fair this fall with plans to begin hiring late this year.

Mocksville and Davie County Competing Globally – And Winning!
As the largest producer of non-woven fabric in the world, Avgol has a global footprint with manufacturing plants in China, Israel and Russia.  The Mocksville expansion was considered for all 4 of Avgol’s locations.

Economic Development is a Team Sport
Winning on the global stage doesn’t happen by accident.  Davie County can be grateful to have in place a team of local business leaders and elected officials that know how to win in the big leagues.  Wins require the coordination and mustering of teams and resources at the municipal, county, and state level.

The Davie County 2-Step
With wins like Ashley Furniture, Volvo, Dunlop, Gildan, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Pro Refrigeration under their belts in the last several years, elected officials from across Davie County at both the municipal and county levels have learned how to coordinate efforts to get things done quickly and efficiently.

The first two steps in this win occurred when Davie County Commissioners unanimously approved an incentives package valued at almost $800,000 in early May of this year and less than a week later, the Town of Mocksville Board unanimously approved a local incentives package valued at over $300,000.

Incentives granted by the Town of Mocksville and Davie County are structured and paid only after investment and jobs targets are met. This means that the grants are not earned and awarded to the recipient companies until after the promised investments and jobs have been created.

In addition to elected officials and boards, much of the work gets done behind the scenes by town and county staff.  City and county planning and zoning departments, building inspectors, water and sewer departments, power companies and more have all learned to work together to make things happen.   When it comes to doing business, time is money.  And practice over the years has made Davie County, North Carolina an easy place to do business.

The Raleigh 2-Step
Economic development wins require support from our State Government in Raleigh.  NC State Representative Julia Howard and NC State Senator Andrew Brock both play leadership roles that help Davie County stay in the spotlight in Raleigh and in the hunt for job creation opportunities.

Local support for the expansion and the support of our elected State officials may have helped pave the way for the win at the next stage of the project.  The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) in June of this year announced a $220,000 Community Development Block Grant to pay for a rail spur that would make an expansion possible at the Avgol facility in Mocksville.  The RIA reviews and approves funding requests for grant programs operated by the Rural Economic Development Division at the N.C. Department of Commerce.  These grants support infrastructure development, building renovation and site improvements.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place on Thursday, August 20 when the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved an existing buildings grant of $500,000 to support the Avgol expansion.

From the grant announcement: “The Town of Mocksville (Davie County): $500,000 to support Avgol American’s expansion of a 282,069 square-foot building located at 178 Avgol Drive in Mocksville. The company is a global supplier of non-woven hygiene solutions. The building was constructed in 2000 and has been occupied by Avgol American, Inc., for 14 years. The grant supports a total investment of $8,000,025 being made at the property. Avgol American plans to create 50 jobs.”

As Terry Bralley, President of the Davie County Economic Development Commission always likes to say:  Economic Development is a team sport in Davie County!


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The Rich Park Greenway Phase One Now Open – Come on out and Take a Stroll!

Rich Park Greenway Entrance SignTown of Mocksville leaders and the Town of Mocksville Public Works Department joined the Davie County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, August 13 to celebrate the opening of the Rich Park Greenway!  Construction of phase one of the Rich Park Greenway is complete and construction of stage 2 is underway.  The Rich Park Greenway currently connects Rich Park to Halander Drive, winds down to Rich Park Shelter 1 in one direction, to Rose Cemetery in another direction and down to the third entrance across from the baseball field parking lot.

If you do a Google search on Mocksville Greenway you get planning documents dating back more than 10 years and we hope this opening of Rich Park Greenway Phase I is a harbinger of greater things to come.  In the plans are phase II and phase III.

A short visit to the Greenway earlier today (Wednesday, August 19) proved that this greenway is already being well used.  This writer counted a dozen people using the trails in just 15 minutes during a period of clearing on an otherwise rainy morning.

Rich Park Greenway PathA greenway can be defined as a linear park within towns and cities.  They often connect different parts of a community; parks, trails, roads, sidewalks, schools and neighborhoods.  They provide a recreational amenity for walking, jogging, biking, and strolling in a natural setting remote from traffic and they promote physical activity and wellness.

Park Hours are dawn to dusk – no trespassing after hours
No motorized vehicles or ATVs
Dogs must be on a leash and you must clean up after them
No littering – please place trash in containers located strategically throughout Rich Park

Benefits of Greenways (from the Carolina Thread Trail)
Greenways and trails not only encourage friends, families and communities to interact with each other and nature, but they also provide a venue for physical activities such as walking, jogging, running, and biking. The associated physical and psychological health benefits of these activities are significant. Greenways and trails help to:

Rich Park Greenway PathFacilitate Physical Activity
A landmark report by the U.S. Surgeon General found that “Americans can substantially improve their health and quality of life by including moderate amounts of physical activity in their daily lives.” It also found that “health benefits appear to be proportional to the amount of activity; thus, every increase in activity adds some benefit.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report highlighting the impact of inactivity on the alarming increase of overweight children. The report underscores the importance of creating our communities in a way that children will engage in physical activity as a part of their daily lives. “The Built Environment: Designing Communities to Promote Physical Activity in Children.”

2015-08-19_144149Improve Psychological Health
A growing body of research suggests that mere contact with the natural world improves psychological health. Green settings have been shown to relieve feelings of anxiety and improve our ability to cope with stressful situations. In some cases, natural spaces provide therapy for conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder and improve cognitive function and work performance. In addition, greenways, trails and parks provide safe places for kids to play, which is vital in brain development in young children.

Reduce Negative Health effects Associated with Air Pollution
Greenways and trails serve as highways for alternative means of transportation. Therefore, automobiles are used less frequently, resulting in lower overall carbon dioxide levels. Additionally, increased tree density along these greenways can mitigate air pollution by filtering pollutants out of the air, and therefore decreasing the number of respiratory illnesses experienced by many people.

Special Thanks
A very special “Thank You” to; Mocksville Public Works, Mocksville Parks Department, Willis Engineers Inc., Vulcan Construction Materials, Lakey’s Backhoe Service Inc., NCDOT – Davie, and Rowan Precision Machining, Inc.  and the Town of Mocksville!

Come on out and enjoy the great outdoors with a stroll through YOUR Rich Park Greenway today!


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Do Business in Davie County? Don’t Miss the 18th Annual Pro Scramble Golf Tournament, Monday September 14th!

Davie Chamber Pro Scramble Golf TournamentIf you do business in Davie County, sign up today for the 18th annual Pro Scramble Golf Tournament on Monday, September 14th, at Oak Valley Golf Club.  

This annual tournament may be your best chance to enjoy a day surrounded by the local entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders that make decisions and make things happen in Davie County all year long.   Team slots fill quickly, register today… or sponsor a hole!

Professional golfers serve as captains of the teams consisting of five amateur players.  A shotgun start at noon gets the day started with a post-tournament cookout and awards ceremony to celebrate the winning teams.

“The tournament is an excellent platform for our thriving business community and all its stakeholders to enjoy a day of networking and golf,” said Carolyn McManamy, chamber president.  “With the unique team format and beautiful location, the Davie Chamber’s tournament has become one of the top tournaments in the area.  As a result, team slots fill quickly and the tournament is often played at capacity. ”

The tournament is the Chamber’s key annual fundraiser and proceeds are designated for furthering the Chamber’s mission to develop business initiatives and support economic development and community projects throughout the year.

Tee Off Davie Chamber Pro ScrambleRegister Today
Players can register now and hole sponsorship opportunities are still available.  Those interested in supporting local businesses by sponsoring the event should contact the chamber office as soon as possible.  For more information about sponsorship opportunities, cost and registration contact the Davie County Chamber of Commerce at (336) 751-3304.

Oak Valley Golf Club
Oak Valley is the only Arnold Palmer designed Golf Club in the Winston-Salem area. Carved beautifully into old dairy farmland, the course truly captures the splendor of the western North Carolina foothills.  Golfers from all over the world have enjoyed Palmer’s beautiful and challenging layout since the course opened in December 1995.

Davie County Chamber of Commerce
18th Annual Davie Co. Pro Scramble Golf Tournament – Doorprize Form
18th Annual Davie Co. Pro Scramble Golf Tournament – Sponsor Form
18th Annual Davie Co. Pro Scramble Golf Tournament – Brochure
Oak Valley Golf Club


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Have Fun, Save Money & Live Longer at Davie County Farmers Markets

mocksville farmers market augustAdmission is free and the benefits are endless!
Davie County Farmers Markets each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the towns of Mocksville, Bermuda Run and Farmington.  There is a market open each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday according to the following schedule.

Wednesdays – Mocksville: The Mocksville Famers Market is open on Wednesdays from 3-6 PM in the Mocksville Town Hall parking lot located at 171 South Clement Street in Mocksville, just a block down West Depot Street from the town square.

Fridays – Town of Bermuda Run: The Peachtree Farmers Market is open Fridays from 3:30-7 PM in the parking lot at Wake Forest Baptist Health Davie Medical Center in the Town of Bermuda Run.

Saturdays – Farmington: The Farmington Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 8 AM until noon at the Farmington Community Center located at 1723 Farmington Road, Farmington.

Have fun shopping at Davie County farmers markets
The atmosphere at the Davie County farmers markets in Mocksville, Bermuda Run, and Farmington is warm and inviting.   Farmers markets provide an opportunity for local farmers to get together in a social setting along with members of the local community.  These gatherings strengthen communities, create a sense of belonging and ownership, and often lead to greater involvement in local issues by those who share a common interest in healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

Save money at Davie County farmers markets
One of the reasons to shop at a farmers market is to support the local economy.  Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community.  The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive.

Farmer’s markets in North Carolina are not taxed which saves you money by making the products purchased a greater value.  In essence, a person is getting 6.5 percent more product for their money through the elimination of sales tax.

Live Longer Consuming Local Produce from Davie County farmers markets
There are distinct health benefits to eating local, fresh produce.  One of these benefits is that fresh produce is harvested when it is ripe.  The greatest amount of vitamins naturally found in produce is available ONLY when the crop is picked ripened.  Most chain stores purchase produce from other states, and therefore the crops are picked early and ripen off the vine in a truck.  This renders the vitamins much weaker to the consumer.

Another health benefit is that because the produce is not shipped, it does not need to be waxed or treated.  This again gives the produce not only an excellent flavor, but also makes it a healthier choice.  Finally, most area farmers markets offer organic choices, eliminating pesticides from your diet.

iShopdavie LogoiShopDavie
Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community.  The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive.

For even more ways to save while supporting your friends and neighbors please check out iShopDavie, an exciting and rewarding program from your Davie County Chamber of Commerce.

Have fun, save money & live longer by frequenting your Davie County Farmers Markets.  Your family will thank you.


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Professional Bike in Mocksville on Thursday ~ NASCAR on 2 Wheels!

Mocksville-Criterium3Cycling is one of the hottest sports in America. According to Scarborough Research, the number of folks who have ridden a bike jumped an amazing 25% — from 47.72 million to 59.67 million — between the Spring of 2010 and Spring 2013.  And just as the number of folks biking for recreation or commuting purposes has grown greatly, so has the interest in competitive cycling, especially in short-course, closed-circuit races called criterium.

On Thursday, July 30, folks from Davie County and surrounding communities will get a taste of this exciting sport during the 2015 Giordana Crossroads Classic Criterium in Downtown Mocksville.  Cyclists will compete in timed races, three consisting of amateur riders (though cash prizes are awarded), and races pitting riders from professional teams against each other in 60 minutes of what can only be described as hair-raising action.

There are a couple of things that make a criterium a great spectator sport. Watch a multistage bicycle race like the Tour De France in person, and you get a single glimpse of the horde of rides – but the short, closed-circuit of a criterium means you can see the cyclists jockeying for position for almost the entire event. The Mocksville course is a mere half-mile in length, and pros can hit speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Add in 90-degree turns, and what you’ve got is pretty much a pedal-powered version of NASCAR.

Mocksville-Criterium5While the bulk of teams will come from North and South Carolina, cash prizes and the thrill of competition lure teams from across the nation to take part in the Crossroads Classic.  Last year, for instance, professional teams California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia made the journey to Mocksville.

Mocksville-Criterium4Mocksville-Criterium Schedule
Things get rolling at 5:15 PM, as streets are shut down and the course is set up. (Note to Mocksville residents All vehicles inside the bike race area will not be able to leave from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM.)  At 9:00 PM, the professional riders begin their hour-long competition.

For complete details on this free event, visit Giordana Crossroads Classic where you can also learn more about criterium, including how to compete in upcoming events.


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Free Outdoor Concert This Friday Night in Mocksville!

Restaurant_101_MocksvilleFree concert!  The Mystery Hillbillies will perform from 7 – 9:30 PM this Friday evening, July 24, under the oaks in Historic Downtown Mocksville near Restaurant 101.

The Mystery Hillbillies  is a blend of boogie, western swing, and rockabilly.  Bring chairs and blankets and enjoy the shade of the majestic oak trees on the historic square with this trio of musicians.  While Downtown enjoy our dining, downtown shops, ice cream from “Scoops” and more.

Bring your lawn chairs and join us for an evening of fun and music on the square!  In the event of rain, Mystery Hillbillies will perform inside Restaurant 101.  For more information, please call 336 909-2263.


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Help Wanted – Join the Dynamic Team at the Davie Chamber!

Davie Chamber of CommerceIf you are an outgoing person with excellent customer service skills and have never met a stranger, the Davie County Chamber of Commerce is looking for you!

Meet and help new people every day at the Davie County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.   The Davie Chamber helps newcomers discover the best places in town; helps tourists navigate the exciting golf courses, vineyards, dining, entertainment, community events and the many historical and cultural gems scattered across Davie County; helps residents keep up with all of the exciting events with a very active online community event calendar; and we get to do all of this while helping our members grow their businesses and create jobs in our community.

The Davie County Chamber of Commerce is seeking a part time person with excellent communication and organizational skills who enjoys working with the public.  This person likes taking the initiative and being proactive.  The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2-3 years experience, the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, and excellent computer skills.  This position pays $10/Hour and is 25 hours per week, Monday through Friday, 12-5 PM.

Send Resume Today!
Apply via mail to:
Davie County Chamber of Commerce
135 S. Salisbury Street
Mocksville, NC 2702

Apply via fax to:
336 751-5697

Apply via email to:


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Don’t Miss The Great Bullhole Duck Race and Tube Race This Saturday in Cooleemee!

Great Bullhole Duck RaceDuck Race, Tube Race, Trophies and over $500 in Prizes
You would have to be crazy to race down a river if you were less than four inches long and weighed only a few ounces or you might find comfort in numbers. Whatever gives them the courage, over a thousand rubber ducks will take a plunge into the South Yadkin near the Cooleemee dam this Saturday, July 18th at 1:00 PM sharp.

The first numbered duck to reach the finish line downriver will win their “owner” a cash prize of $300. The 2nd place winner will garner its ticket-buyer $150 with the 3rd place better will win $75. That’s some duck grease to take home!

Adopt a Duck Today for Only $5
There’s only one way to win those cash prizes in the Duck Race,  You have to buy a ticket.  Single Duck tickets are $5 each, a “Quack Pack” of six sells for $25, and you can purchase a “Flock” of fifteen for $50. You do not have to be present to win but you must show your numbered ticket stub to collect your prize.

Tickets can be purchased at Davie Parks and Recreation and the Davie County Chamber of Commerce in Mocksville, in Cooleemee at the Zachary House, Village Auto, Davie Discount Drug, Cooleemee Town Hall and Cooleemee Hardware, and in Woodleaf at Jacobs Western Store.  For tickets and more info, call Mike Garner at 336-4078151

Cooleemee at the Zachary House or at Cooleemee Town Hall, at Village Auto, Davie Discount Drugs, at the Chamber of Commerce in Mocksville and in Woodleaf at Jacob’s Western Store.  Duck tickets will also be sold until 1 pm at RiverPark but no later.

Duck Race Begins 1:00 PM Sharp
This is the 6th year for the Great Bullhole Duck Race and it will run from 10:30 am to 2 pm at RiverPark, found at the end of Erwin Temple Church Road (just ½ mile from Cooleemee off Hwy 801 & Needmore Road).  There will be games, food, and some special kids activities. The Duck Race will begin at 1 pm SHARP.

Tube Race Registration
The 3rd Annual South Yadkin Tube Race will once again run in conjunction with this event and it begins at 10:30 AM at the Cooleemee Junction Wildlife area. First place winner is awarded a unique trophy and a $100 cash prize.

Official Tube Race contestants must fill out a registration form, a liability waiver and have signed a copy of the Official Rules. Regulation tubes and life vests can be rented at the Junction before the race begins ($5 each). To get registered, call (336) 284-6040.


All proceeds from these races go to keep RiverPark at Cooleemee Falls open, clean and safe.  If you love the Bullhole, show your support.


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Carolina Precision Machining, Inc. – Davie County Firm Growing and Creating Aviation Jobs

Steve Vick and Terry Bralley at Carolina Precision Machining

Steve Vick and Terry Bralley at Carolina Precision Machining

Aviation has been creating jobs and opportunities in North Carolina since the days of Wilbur and Orville Wright and the aerospace industry is still a very important job growth cluster for North Carolina.

Carolina Precision Machining, Inc. (CPM), a home-grown Davie County aerospace manufacturer has relocated its manufacturing operation to the former Trim Building located in Mocksville at 351 Bethel Church Road.  Founded in Davie County by Steve Vick in 1993, CPM manufactures precision machine parts for aerospace, aviation and heavy equipment manufacturers.  The company currently employs 30 people and this move will help the company create 10-25 new jobs over the next 12 to 18 months.

Entrepreneurial Talent – The Secret to Long Term Economic Vitality
According to Terry Bralley, Davie County Economic Development Commission President, “While big economic development deals like Ashley Furniture, Avgol, Baptist Health, Gildan, and Avgol get lots of attention and news coverage, it is the small business entrepreneur that creates most of the jobs in this country.  Entrepreneurs in Davie County like Steve Vick know how to get things done.  They are taking the initiative, assuming the risk, and putting our people to work.

“Davie County seems to have the right combination of factors that make this fertile ground for the entrepreneurial mind-set.  We are growing but we are still small enough that a small business owner in Davie County can feel like a big fish in a small pond.  Many of these successful leaders are up and coming young folks with vision, high energy, passion and talent.  We’re blessed to have folks like Steve in our community.  The Davie County EDC is looking at ways to foster and grow this entrepreneurial talent base.

Improved workflows and room for expansion pave the way for job growth
The new location provides room for expansion and reduces operating costs by enabling dramatic work-flow efficiency improvements. According to Steve Vick, “This new location gave us a clean slate and the opportunity to think outside the box and re-configure workflows from scratch; improving efficiency, reducing costs and making us a more valuable partner for our customers.  The additional floor space and plant layout has allowed us to improve every aspect of our operation. “

One of the biggest advantages of the new location is additional space for new equipment.  CPM is in the process of installing and configuring their newest laser in the new location.  The cost of cutting hard-to-machine materials by conventional mechanical machining processes is high due to the low material removal rate and short tool life.  Some materials are not possible to be cut by the conventional machining process at all.  Laser beam machining uses a laser beam to remove materials without mechanical engagement with the work-piece material.

Public & Private Sector Partnerships – Economic Development is a Team Sport
The North Carolina Community Colleges system, DCCC Community College and the Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development Board worked together in support of private sector job growth at CPM.

With the support of an Incumbent Workers Grant from The Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development Board and a Workforce Development Grant from Davidson County Community College and the North Carolina Community College System, CPM earned the coveted aerospace manufacturing certifications AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 in 2013 paving the way for continued job growth in the aviation sector.

According to Steve, “The AS9100C certification enables CPM to compete on a level playing field with firms that are many times our size in the aerospace industry.   It is unique for a firm our size to achieve this prestigious certification and it demonstrates our commitment to “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Terry Bralley, President of the Davie County Economic Development Commission said, “Congratulations to Steve Vick and to the entire team at Carolina Precision Machining.  It is impressive when a firm is able to compete at this level and we look forward to the continued success of Steve Vick and the entire team at Carolina Precision Machining.

About Carolina Precision Machining
Carolina Precision Machining is a privately owned and operated company established in 1993.  CPM provides precision machine part manufacturing services for aerospace, aviation and heavy equipment manufacturers with quality that is certified to comply with AS 9100C and ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Skilled machinists at CPM do high-precision, close tolerance tooling work and high volume turning and milling. They also perform first article inspection components and prototypes prior to production.

Carolina Precision Machining can be reached by telephone at 336 751-7788 and on the web at

Additional Reporting on CPM Expansion
Triad Business Journal – Mocksville machining firm to add up to 25 jobs
Winston Salem Journal – Precision expanding, adding to 10-25 jobs


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Free Movie Night – WinMock at Kinderton in Town of Bermuda Run -Thursday, 8 PM!

You are invited to the Town of Bermuda Run for some free family-friendly outdoor entertainment this Thursday evening.  WinMock at Kinderton presents the hit movie “Despicable Me 2” at 8:30 PM this Thursday, July 9th.

Admission is free… and there will be fresh hot popcorn and beverages available for purchase. A donation of canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank is encouraged.


Bring your chairs and blankets and come sit out on the lawn at WinMock.
This hit movie from Universal Pictures earned rave reviews.  three books, a video game and several other products based on the movie have also been released.  “Despicable Me 2″ A sequel to the original is scheduled for theatrical release next month.

Become a fan – What a great way to show your thanks!
Please join us in thanking the following generous sponsors of Community Movie Night!  Images below include links to the respective organizations’ Facebook Pages.


Click here to follow Church of the Good Shepherd Bermuda Run

Please click to Follow Church of the Good Shepherd on Facebook!


Woodard and Company Asset Manaagement Group

Please click to follow Woodard and Company on Facebook


Carolina Center for Eye Care

Please click to follow Carolina Center for Eye Care on Facebook


Second Harvest Food Bank of NW North Carolina

Please click to follow Second Harvest Food Bank on Facebook


Winmock at Kinderton

Pleae click to follow WinMock at Kinderton on Facebook


Sterling Audio

Please click to follow Sterling Events on Facebook


Town of Bermuda Run on Facebook

Please click to follow Town of Bermuda run on Facebook


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Free Activities Abound this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend in Davie County!

Old Glory American Flag 2Fireworks, wagon rides through Rich Park, kiddie train rides, kiddie pedal tractor races, antique tractors, a ladies frying pan toss, and even a lawn mower parade are part of the weekend activities as our nation celebrates its 239th birthday, our community has a week planned that is filled with fun for all ages!  There are many free and exciting events for everyone to enjoy.

Free Fireworks Display – July 4th Celebration at Rich Park
Bring your family out for an evening of Fourth of July fun, music, food and fireworks.  Parking is $5 per car beginning at 5:00 pm.  You may walk in for free & parking will be available behind the Brock Gym.  Music will be available and then a Fireworks display @ 9:30.

Free Event – 16th Annual Tractor & Engine & Show Parade
All day Friday and Saturday
– The weekend will be full of the sights and sounds of yesteryear at the 16th Annual PAPA Antique Tractor and Engine show.  Again, this event is free and boasts antique tractors, farm equipment, and a host of vendors.  Step back in time this Independence Day weekend and celebrate the heritage of Davie County with this event which runs Friday and Saturday. PAPA stands for Piedmont Antique Power Association, Inc.  This non-profit group exists to assist charitable organizations in the community.

The annual tractor parade through historic downtown Mocksville is a celebration of North Carolina’s rich farming heritage and a celebration of the great American spirit of Independence with a tribute to our military veterans.

There are wagon rides through Rich Park on both days.  Friday promises fun with antique displays, bingo games ($5 entry in Cow patty Bingo), tractor pulls, live music, and various other activities.  Saturday begins with a parade of Antique Tractors in historic Downtown Mocksville at 10am.  After the parade, there will be a kiddie pull, auction sale, raffle in which someone will win an antique 1950 8N Ford “Red Belly” Tractor!  There are other prizes as well including a cash prize.

Here is a list of activities to enjoy:

Friday Events:

7:00 am – Gates open to the public  –  No entrance fee
All day – Tractors, Hit & Miss engines and farm equipment on display
Farm equipment demonstrations through-out the day

Afternoon and Evening events:
Kiddie train rides
Kiddie pedal tractor race
Tractor skill events
Wheel barrow race
Ladies frying pan toss
Wagon rides through Rich Park
Cow pattie bingo ($5.00 entry fee)

6:30 pm – Live Music

Saturday Events:
7:00 am – Gates open to public  –  No entrance fee
All day – Tractors, Hit & Miss engines and farm equipment on display

Morning events:
9:00 am – Tractors begin to line-up for the Parade through downtown Mocksville
10:00 am – Parade begins through Mocksville
11:00 am – Kiddie pedal pull

Afternoon events:
12:30 pm – Auction of consigned and donated items
Tractor skill events
Cow pattie bingo ($5.00 entry fee)
Wagon rides through Rich Park
Kiddie train rides

3:00 pm – Raffle drawing for tractor or prize money

Food will be for sale provided by the Mocksville Masonic Lodge both days.

Ice Cream will be for sale provided by PAPA For more information contact Piedmont Antique Power Association Bob Conaway @ 336.909.5818 or Arthur Bostick 336.414.7834.

Free Event ~ Lawnmower Parade with Free Ice Cream, Watermelon and Snow Cones
– Since the 1990s, Independence Day is honored by a Lawnmower Parade that begins at Cooleemee School. Anyone can participate by lining up a patriotically decorated lawnmower, float, car, bicycle or pet by 9:30 AM on Saturday, July 4th.  The parade begins at 10am.

Judges will be in the crowd and there will be prizes to win at the parade’s end on the Zachary House grounds. Bring your lawn chair and view the parade along Marginal Street.

Following the parade guests will enjoy free watermelon for all under the arbor.  Hot dogs and cold drinks will be for sale at the Cook Shack and historic displays about the American Revolution in the Forks of the Yadkin will be on view on the patio. The July 4th activities are sponsored by the Town of Cooleemee.


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Join the Cash Mob! – Let’s Do Lunch at Maria’s Salvadorian Cuisine

iShopDavie-holding-signThe Davie County Chamber of Commerce announces the next “Let’s Do Lunch” event for 11:45 am Tuesday, June 23rd at Maria’s Salvadorian Cuisine in Mocksville.  “Let’s Do Lunch” is an informal lunch event with a “Cash Mob” twist.  The Davie Chamber coordinates with local restaurants to host the event and invites the community to come out for lunch and make a difference at a local business.

Let’s Do Lunch is open to everyone – chamber members, prospects or anyone who wants to support our local restaurants.  Participating in Let’s Do Lunch is very easy – simply decide to have lunch at the designated restaurant – no reservations required!   Make plans with friends, co-workers or family members and join us on Tuesday, June 23rd at Maria’s Salvadorian Cuisine. You’ll enjoy a great meal while showing your support for one of our many great restaurants in Davie County.

Let’s Do Lunch” is a part of the Davie Chamber’s ishopdavie initiative which is designed to support the local business community and raise awareness of the importance of doing business where we live, send our kids to school and pay taxes.  “Let’s Do Lunch was created with two goals in mind:  first, to make a financial impact on one of our businesses and second, to keep the focus on doing business in Davie County” said Carolyn McManamy, President of the Davie County Chamber of Commerce.  We have received very positive feedback from restaurant owners and lunch attendees.  The atmosphere is always very relaxed and welcoming.  We see large groups from nearby offices and singles who come in and join an established table – we’re all among friends and it just works!” said McManamy.

For over 40 years, the Davie County Chamber of Commerce has served the business community as the catalyst of business growth and economic development.   Chamber members work together to promote a strong and vibrant business community throughout Davie County.  As the county-wide Chamber, the Davie Chamber represents businesses from Cooleemee to Advance, Mocksville to Bermuda Run and all points in between.  The Davie Chamber office is located at 135 S Salisbury Street in Mocksville where you will also find the Davie County Visitor Center and Davie County Economic Development Commission office.    For more information on joining the Davie County Chamber of Commerce, please call 336.751.3304 or visit


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Pack the Park Night for American Legion Baseball – This Sunday, June 21!

baseball-400Pack the Park Night
On Sunday, June 21st our Mocksville-Davie American Legion Baseball Team will be taking on rival Rowan County at 7:00pm on Mondo Field at Rich Park in Mocksville.  This is “Pack the Park” night where the community is invited to bring back some of the heritage of the 80’s and 90’s by filling up the stands, the hillside, and the areas around the field.  Come on out, bring your family, and enjoy the sights and sounds of America’s Game under the lights.

Tickets are $5 for ages 13 and up.  Children 12 and under are free.  Traditional baseball food is available at the concession stand.

As summer settles in around us, the bleachers at Mondo field in Mocksville (Rich Park) are filled with loving parents, siblings, friends, and community partners.  There are few games more authentic and passionate than watching young men play their hearts out for the most American game in history, baseball.

Remaining 2015 Schedule
Home – Thursday, June 18 – vs. Greensboro – Rich Park, 7 PM
Away – Friday, June 19 – vs. Eastern Randolph – Grady Lawson Field, 7 PM
Home – Sunday, June 21 – vs. Rowan County – Rich Park, 7 PM, Pack the Park Night
Home – Monday, June 22 – vs. Randolph Co. (Asheboro) – Rich Park, 7 PM – Make-Up Game
Away – Tuesday, June 23 – vs Kernersville – East Forsyth HS, 7 PM
Home – Wednesday, June 24 – vs Mooresville – Rich Park HS, 7 PM
Away – Thursday, June 25 – vs Kannapolis – North West Cabbarus HS, 7 PM
Home – Thursday, June 27 – vs Winston-Salem – Rich Park HS, 7 PM
Away – Sunday, June 28 – vs. Concord – Cental Cabbarus HS, 7 PM
Away – All Star Game/Showcase – McCrary Park

2015 Playoff Schedule
Friday, July 3 – First Round Playoff Series Begins – Best 2 of 3
Monday, July 6 – Second Round Playoffs Begin – Best 3 of 5
Sunday, July 12 – Third Round Playoffs Begin – Best 3 of 5
Saturday, July 18 – Area III Championship Series – Best 3 of 5
Tuesday, August 4 – Southeast Regional Tournament – McCrary Park, Asheboro, NC
Thursday, August 13 – American Legion World Series – Keeter Stadium, Shelby, NC

Hometown Stories and Local Heroes
A national sports writer and television producer, Matt Gibson, once observed that “American Legion Baseball is perhaps the purest form of the sport and the most fun to watch.  There are no player salaries and the grueling schedule leaves little time for beach trips or summer vacations for these young men.  This kind of sacrifice means that only those who really love the game are playing. American Legion Baseball is about hometown stories, local heroes and love for the game.”

Legion Baseball – The Community
The Mocksville Davie American Legion Baseball team is in full swing in their 34th season since it began again after a break in the mid 1960s.  American Legion Baseball is a long held tradition in Davie County.  It brings together some of the best high school baseball players from Davie and surrounding counties to complete to be the best in an annual tournament in Shelby, NC.

“It’s always been the best quality ball for this age of boys that’s been in this country ever,” said Sonny Kurfees, one of the founding members of the Mocksville Legion team in the early 80s. “Legion baseball provides people in the community a chance to come out and see some of the greatest players that they should know from their community play some other great players.  Plus, it’s great entertainment that helps the community grow,” Kurfees continued.

In the 80’s and 90’s the stands and the grassy knolls alongside the field used to be packed with fans. “That’s the way it ought be again” Kurfees said. “You know, people used to come out here. People couldn’t wait to get here.  It ought to be that way now.”

“I’d like to see more fans come out here and support the team,” Charles Kurfees (the team manager) said. “I don’t think they understand the importance of having a baseball team like this in the community.  It’s a great thing. It’s a veteran’s program too; it’s a great thing to bring your family out on a summer night as the cool air settles in under the lights and enjoy baseball.”

Legion Baseball – Teamwork and Love of the Game
Jacob Tutterow, an assistant coach on the team who used to play under Coach Charles Kurfees said, “I liked getting to know people from this area.  I’m not from around here, I’m from North Iredell.  So it was a chance to get know some other guys from the team, from Davie County.  It was a chance to bond and mesh and make friendships.  I still talk to a lot of the players that I played with.”

Barrett Hennings, the first baseman said, “It’s really relaxed out here.  We just try to get a win. It’s not uptight, you know what I’m saying; you just have fun while you’re playing.

Ross Hoffner who is in his 6th year with the Legion teams said, “It’s a good chance for the players around here, who say, don’t have the money to go play showcase or anything.  It’s free and it’s a good environment and we play on a beautiful field.  The team takes great care of you, you know, hot dogs after the games, meal money on the roads.  It’s more about the team out here; it’s not just about the individuals.”

Legion Baseball – Training Ground for the Pros
“A lot of major league baseball players came up through Legion Baseball,” said Sonny Kurfees.  “We have never charged a player to play.  We furnish everything, uniforms, bats, balls, everything. It doesn’t cost them anything at all.  We travel on a bus when we go to away games.”  As I watched them practice each player truly seemed to love the instruction from their coaches, whether is was batting practice or defensive maneuvering.  They were grateful for the instruction.  Legion baseball is more than just a game, it’s an opportunity to find hope and significance in yourself.



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Announcing Free Healthcare Seminars, Classes and Events from Wake Forest Baptist Health

WFBH-BestHealthWake Forest Baptist Health continues to invest in our community by providing a wealth of free resources in an initiative called BestHealth.

Besthealth offers free health seminars, screenings and lifestyle events to help you live a healthier life while staying on top of the latest advances in medicine.  In addition to free health screenings, members of the BestHealth program can receive discounts at restaurants, pet stores, salons, gift stores, and more.

All Classes Are Free  – Grab a Friend and Encourage One Another!
Classes include creative solutions for grocery store meals, fun dance classes that tingle the soul, and boot camps. This program has a lot waiting to help you become a better version of yourself.  All of the classes are free and open to the public.  Grab a friend and encourage one another.

There are programs planned for adults and programs offered for the entire family.  Classes and events are scheduled for Davie County, Clemmons and Winston Salem locations.

Become a member today by visiting

For a full list of merchants offering discounts, please visit

Adult Programs

Wed. June 10 (11:00a-12:00p): Bunions & Hammertoes
Wake Forest Baptist Health: Davie Medical Center, Plaza 1, 4th Floor Conference Rooms 1 & 2, Bermuda Run. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Thu. June 11 (12:00p-1:30p): Stroke Awareness & Prevention (Free Lunch Provided)
Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Plaza, Country Club Road, Diabetes Classroom, Winston-Salem. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Sat. June 13 (9:00a-10:00a): Boot Camp: Fitness
Jerry Long YMCA, entrance track, Clemmons. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Mon. June 15 (4:30p-5:30p): Greek Style Line Dancing
Wake Forest Baptist Health – Piedmont Plaza (Kitty Hawk Room), Winston-Salem.  Pre-Registration Required.  Wear supportive shoes. Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Wed. June 17 (2:00p-3:00p): Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Wake Forest Baptist Health: Davie Medical Center, Plaza 1 (Cardiac Classroom), Bermuda Run. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Mon. June 22 (4:00p-5:00p): Atrial Fibrillation: Causes & Effects
Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Plaza, Country Club Road, Diabetes Classroom, Winston-Salem. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Wed. June 24 (2p-4p): Advance Directive (Living Will & Healthcare Power of Attorney)
Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Plaza, Country Club Road, Diabetes Classroom, Winston-Salem. Free notary. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Sat. June 27 (9:00a-10:00a): Boot Camp: Fitness
Jerry Long YMCA, entrance track, Clemmons. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378).

Family Friendly Programs

Wed. June 10 (5:00p-6:00p): Container Gardening 101
Brenner FIT, William G. White Jr. Family YMCA, Winston-Salem.  Mini-Meatloaves with Italian Peas.  Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378) or email:

Tue. June 16 (6:00p-7:15p): My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!
Brenner FIT, William G. White Jr. Family YMCA, Winston-Salem.  Positive Discipline Based Classes. Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378) or email:

Tue. June 23 (6:00p-7:00p): Learn to Cook a Balanced Meal
Brenner FIT, William G. White Jr. Family YMCA, Winston-Salem.  Hands-on cooking class.  Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378) or email:

Tue. June 30 (6:00p-7:00p): Learn to Cook a Balanced Meal
Brenner FIT, William G. White Jr. Family YMCA, Winston-Salem.  Hands-on cooking class.  Pre-Registration Required.  Call (336) 713-BEST (2378) or email:


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Free Concerts, Movies and River Walk Festival – This Summer in the Town of Bermuda Run

Carolina Brass Band

This summer the Town of Bermuda Run and Davie County Arts Council are offering Davie County families several free events as part of their summer concert series and summer movie nights.

Music pops a little louder in the summertime – We throw off the shackles of the indoors for refreshing summer breezes and the beautiful outdoors.  We engage our senses as we experience the world beyond our devices.  Do you enjoy taking your family out for a walk, a dance, and some laughter?  Knowing that there is something to see, something to do, something to experience, makes our time out together better.

Jazz-Up Independence Day with a 28 Member Brass Band
On June 20, 2015 at 7:00pm the North Carolina Brass Band will showcase an exhilarating performance.  This twenty-eight member band is sure to energize kids and adults alike.  This event is pocketed between Memorial Day and Independence Day to honor our fallen heroes and our great nation.  So, bring out your family for a patriotic evening that is sure to please. In case of rain, the concert will be moved to the Brock Performing Arts Center on N. Main St. in Mocksville.

Free Family Movie Nights at WinMock
The Town of Bermuda Run is also hosting free movies for the whole family at the WinMock Barn.  Bring out your lawn chairs and blankets to rest on the lawn.  Popcorn and beverages will be available for purchase.  Movies begin promptly at 8:30pm and donations to Second Harvest Food Bank are encouraged.

Movie Night Schedule
June 11 – Big Hero 6
July 9 – Despicable Me 2
August 13 – Cinderella

The River Walk Festival – Arts & Antiques By the River
On September 26th, Bermuda Run and the Davie County Arts Council is hosting a festival to celebrate artists and antiques of Davie County.  This event, called River Walk Festival will also be held at the Kinderton Business Park.  Vendors will be on hand to sell their creative items for your home.  Also peruse many antique items sure to catch the eye of distinguished buying.  Guests will also be entertained by several local musicians with the Rain Check Band ending out the evenings festivities.  This is a free event welcome to all.

Make Your Plans to Attend Now
Band performances will be held at the Kinderton Business Park Gazebo and Green, 120 Kinderton Boulevard, Bermuda Run, NC 27006 (off Highway 158).  There is plenty of space, so bring your lawn chairs, a cool drink and some snacks while you and your family enjoy concerts, movies and the River Walk Festival.  For questions or to get more information contact either the Davie County Arts Council, (336) 751-300, or the Town of Bermuda Run, (336) 998-0906


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