HondaJet Presentation in Davie County ~ 400 New Jobs Coming to North Carolina!

Davie County’s Sugar Valley Airport Hosted the HondaJet Presentation to an Enthusiastic Crowd
Nick Newby, Manager of Eastern US Sales for HondaJet was on hand at Sugar Valley Airport in Davie County on Saturday, January 14th to talk about HondaJet.

At Honda Aircraft’s World Headquarters campus in North Carolina, the birthplace of aviation, the company’s employees work in more than 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and administration headquarter buildings to develop, produce, market and support the HondaJet with HondaJet dealers.

The challenging spirit upon which Mr. Soichiro Honda founded Honda Motors is still alive today as Honda Aircraft fulfills one of Honda’s long-standing dreams to advance human mobility skyward.

North Carolina: “First in Flight” and “The Power of Dreams”
This is an exciting time for HondaJet; even while the aircraft is still advancing through the final stages toward FAA certification, orders are coming in from around the world.  This is an exciting time North Carolina; HondaJet aircraft are being designed and manufactured in our state.

This is also an exciting time for aviation; HondaJet is creating a jet aircraft that will set the standard for small business aviation for years to come.  The Wright Brothers and HondaJet both share “The Power of Dreams” and aviation history continues to be made in North Carolina!

400 New HondaJet Jobs Coming to North Carolina… in Addition to 600+ Jobs Already Created
North Carolina is already home to HondaJet Research and Development, Design and Manufacturing for Honda aircraft and jet engines.  Now Honda is also set to begin construction of a new $20 million, 80,000-square-foot maintenance repair and overhaul facility at Piedmont Triad International Airport.

The facility will become the fourth building for Honda at the airport and will serve as a key component of the company’s $80 million expansion that includes the addition of 419 jobs during the next five years. Honda currently employs more than 600 in Greensboro.  Click here to apply for jobs at HondaJet!

Sugar Valley Airport Served as a Dramatic Backdrop for the HondaJet Presentation
The HondaJet presentation in Davie County was held in the “Blue Hangar” at Sugar Valley Airport on Saturday, January 14th.  A large group of Davie County citizens attended the presentation along with friends and aircraft owners from Sugar Valley Airport.  Several pilots from the across the Southeast also flew in to Sugar Valley Airport for the HondaJet presentation in Davie County.

Sugar Valley Airport has been undergoing a major upgrade and transformation over the last several years and it was a great location for the HondaJet presentation.  Thank you Sugar Valley Airport and friends of Sugar Valley for being such terrific hosts!


Become Part of Aviation History! ~ The Sugar Valley Airport “Friendship Fire Circle”
One of the highlights of a Sugar Valley Airport tour was the “Friendship Fire Circle” which is nearing completion.  The Fire Circle will be an actual fire ring that can be used by recreational flyers, scouts, churches, civic organizations and other groups during on-field camping, family or other activity.  It is strategically located on the grounds of the airport, overlooking the lake and the setting sun.

Sugar Valley Airport hosts several free ground schools throughout the year for aspiring pilots and commemorative bricks surrounding the fire circle will help fund those ground schools and more at Sugar Valley Airport.

What Jon Wells, President of Honda Flying Club said about Sugar Valley Airport
“The first time I flew to the Sugar Valley Airport I knew we had found the right location for a beautiful getaway which embodies the growth and camaraderie of aviation, camping and recreational activities.  The natural gathering around a fire circle is the true essence of the outdoors, and there is not a better way to enshrine our memories than to have them chiseled in stone.”

Click here to learn more about how you can sponsor a commemorative brick and build a lasting tribute to someone or something you love while helping continue the legacy of aviation in North Carolina, right here in Davie County.

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