TRU Taekwondo Expanding to Davie County, Celebrates with Grand Opening of Bermuda Run Location

Bermuda Run Mayor Ken Rethmeier chats with Tru-Taekwondo co-owner Philip Averett

Bermuda Run Mayor Ken Rethmeier chats with Tru-Taekwondo co-owner Philip Averett

TRU Taekwondo celebrated its grand opening on Friday with a Davie Chamber ribbon-cutting ceremony and the opportunity for area residents to learn about the school and the ways martial arts instruction develops physical fitness, focus, and confidence.

Located at 5289 US Hwy 158 in the Tanglewood Crossing Shopping Center in Bermuda Run, TRU Taekwondo is a martial art school that serves kids, teenagers, adults, and families. Taekwondo students learn kicking, punching, respect, focus, and confidence. TRU Taekwondo Center will offer a safe, fun, family-friendly environment with exceptional martial arts instruction that will provide a balance of tradition, character development, and competitive pride.

“Taekwondo is one of the few activities that a whole family can do together and one of the few that people can do for a lifetime,” said TRU Taekwondo Co-owner Philip Averett. “Our instructors are highly trained and love to help people of all ages continually work toward becoming everything that God wants for them to be! Taekwondo is for everyone, regardless of age or body type, and it teaches self-defense, as well as character and integrity.”

“By teaching focus, confidence, and self-control, we strive to help our students resolve conflicts before they escalate into physical violence. We teach effective self-defense techniques that can be used only when a physical situation is inevitable. At TRU Taekwondo Center, our mission is not only to teach our students how to stay safe but to instill in them a leadership mindset.”

“Since we started seven years ago, we’ve been planning to expand into Davie County,” Averett said. He and business partner, Grand Master Martin Douglas, also own two centers in Winston-Salem and one in Kernersville. “It’s a thriving area led by great leaders, and we wanted to be a part of the growth. Our model is to put down roots and contribute to a community’s ongoing prosperity. For years we’ve formed relationships with friends, schools, churches, businesses, chamber and civic groups, so moving ‘across the river’ was inevitable. It was just a matter of time!”

“We are always excited about new businesses coming into our community, the things they bring and the things they share are always so rewarding,” said Chuck Taylor, incoming board chairman of the Davie County Chamber of Commerce. “I’m excited about this particular business because we have workforce issues in Davie County, and I think that individuals who have some training in martial arts and receive that respect training are tremendous assets in the workforce. We are setting up our future generations for success.”

A crowd turns out for the Davie Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony for Tru Taekwondo in Bermuda Run

A crowd turns out for the Davie Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony for Tru Taekwondo in Bermuda Run

Bermuda Run Mayor, Ken Rethmeier, echoed his sentiments, saying, “I really appreciate the principles posted on the wall behind me of trust, respect, and understanding. What this organization does, not just locally, but nationally, is teach the values that ought to be running through society like self-confidence, respect for others, pro-actively solving problems rather than creating them, and working together as a team. That is the kind of environment that we on the town council and in the Town of Bermuda Run are trying to create, a small town atmosphere that is family-oriented with a good quality of life. We thank you for choosing to become a part of our Town of Bermuda Run.”

On June 7th from 5-8 p.m., TRU Taekwondo will host a FREE community-wide open house with food, inflatables, fun, and games!

Interested in learning more about TRU Taekwondo? Visit or call (336) 941 9871.

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