All County Middle School Band from Davie County Performs at Brock Performing Arts Center ~ Video

Bands from North Davie Middle School, South Davie Middle School and William Ellis Middle School performed together at the Brock Performing Arts Center, 622 North Main Street in Mocksville on Saturday afternoon after the Davie County Schools Showcase & Homecoming Parade.

Full 1080p HD Video Available
Band instructors from each school took learns conducting the students through various pieces.  The following embedded below are also available in full 1080p HD on your Davie County YouTube Channel:

“Discover America March” by Ken Harris, conducted by Mr. Clayton Edwards from William Ellis Middle School.

“Willam Tell Overture” by Gioachino, arranged by Andrew Balent and Conducted by Mrs. Kathy Ferebee from South Davie Middle School.

“Afterburn” by Randall D. Standridge, conducted by Mr. Andrew Jimeson from Davie County High School.