Another Quality American Manufacturer Chooses Davie County ~ Better Outdoor Products!

Better Outdoor Products manufactures the “Quick-series” of commercial lawn mowers, wheeled debris blowers and their upcoming Pioneer Dual-Hydro Brush Mowers in Davie County at the former Hanes facility on NC Highway 801N in Advance, NC.  Better Outdoor’s Quick mowers are in daily use by commercial landscapers and homeowners all across the United States and abroad.
fter 35 years of developing equipment designs for some of the world’s best-known brands, in 2003, Gary Patridge founded Better Outdoor Products as a North Carolina company. Working from the old Crown Drug warehouse in Hillsdale, Better started with one model and shipped their first production mowers in 2004. Since that time, the company has grown to fourteen models with customers as far-away as New Zealand.

Better Outdoor Products moved their manufacturing operation to Davie County in December, 2010.

Factory Direct Savings from Better Outdoor Products
Traditionally, landscape equipment manufacturers in the United States bring their products to market through a network of independent dealers. But, Better Outdoor reasoned that all of the expenses and profits of those equipment dealers represented added cost to the final customer without adding much in the way of real value to the product. There had to be a better way.

From day-one, Better Outdoor’s machines have been sold factory direct to landscape contractors and homeowners, delivering great products at a roughly 30% lower price. By leveraging the Internet, email and modern logistics, the company is able to serve their customers in real-time while maintaining a consistent image for the brand along with decidedly old-fashioned customer service.

Quick Fix ~ Online Video-Enhanced Owner’s Manuals
Most professional cutters and a high percentage of homeowners are able to perform ordinary repairs and maintenance themselves. To help further support their efforts, Better’s products are designed to be simple to repair using common hand tools. Better Outdoor has also invested in the first ever online video-enhanced owner’s manual, “Quick Fix”. Quick Fix videos show just how the pros perform repairs to every aspect of the company’s products, breaking maintenance into small, simple steps. The videos help customers save time and money by giving them the knowledge to maintain and repair their Quick mowers themselves. All repair sections of the manual are printable and call out the appropriate part numbers, which customers can order 24 / 7 from the company web site. Customers are also welcome to call the company toll free to order parts or just ask questions.

But, while routine maintenance and repairs can usually be performed easily, the customer is also supported by a network of nearly 20,000 servicing shops nationwide for major engine repair and rebuilds through the company’s close relationships with its engine suppliers.

American Supplier Network For This “Green” Manufacturer
Since the company’s products first entered development in 2001, this green-industry business has been hard at work building a network of American component suppliers that provide excellent quality at an honest price. Many of these companies are other small manufacturing firms located here in North Carolina while other suppliers are household names like Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki who supply Better Outdoor with the same power plants used throughout the commercial turf equipment industry.

Thoughts From the Founder
“It’s made a huge difference knowing that there have been lots of folks out there pulling for us from the start. We are very happy with the progress we’ve made and we’re grateful to all of the folks who have believed in our brand and helped us grow”.

“We understand that our customers work hard at what they do- we run lean and work hard to deliver a good value for their money. We have an outstanding crew of smart, dedicated people (some of who are former landscapers themselves) and we do our best to treat customers like family”.

“The economy is a little rough right now but Americans always find a way to bounce back… we’re confident in what America stands for. With the right people, building the right products at the right price, and taking care of our growing family of customers, I think the future is pretty green”.

Better Outdoor Products
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