Auditions for Barnum at the Brock

By Jeanna Baxter White

The roof of a colorful circus tent for a post about auditions for the show BarnumStep right up and become part of the “Greatest Show on Earth!” The Davie County Arts Council will hold auditions for “Barnum” on Saturday, February 29th beginning at 10 a.m. at the Brock Performing Arts Center. 

Actors of All Ages Are Needed

The large cast includes adults, elderly, teenagers, and children (10+ years old).

Also needed are tumblers, jugglers, clowns, & gymnasts.

About the Show

“Barnum” tells the story of the “Prince of Humbug” Phineas Taylor Barnum. Over the objections of his wife, Charity, Barnum attempts to create a show in which the main attractions are considered freaks of society.

The cast of characters includes Joice Heth, the oldest woman alive; Tom Thumb, the smallest man in the world; and the glamorous Swedish opera singer, Jenny Lind. Eventually, to appease Charity, Barnum agrees to give up the show and assume a normal life. Upon Charity’s death, Barnum returns to the circus business in grand fashion by partnering with James A. Bailey to create “The Greatest Show on Earth.” 

Where to Audition

The Brock Performing Arts Center is located at 622 N. Main Street, Mocksville. For more information, call the Davie County Arts Council at 336-751-3112 or visit the website or their page on Facebook


Image shows audition and show information for the play, Barnum Auditions to be held February 29 at the Brock performing arts center