BesTreads ~ Another Manufacturer Selects Davie County, North Carolina

BesTreads, the commercial tire retread business owned and operated by Harry and Debbie Price, has moved from Winston-Salem to 279 Bethel Church Road in Mocksville.  The new Davie County location has provided room for expansion and has helped make the operation more efficient.

BesTreads owners Debbie and Harry Price with NC House Representative Julia Howard during a tour of BesTreads Davie County plant.

Mocksville and Davie County ~ Good for Business
According to owner Debbie Price who directs the day to day operation, “Mocksville and Davie County have been good for our business in many respects.  The permit and inspections processes in Mocksville and Davie County add value by helping to ensure employee and environmental safety while helping us reduce risk.  In addition, we hire most new employees through Temporary Resources in Mocksville and we have found that Davie County students are graduating from high school ‘work-ready’.   Moving to Davie County has also allowed us to take the best ideas and practices from across the industry and combine them into one modern plant.”

BesTreads provides retread services for 14 Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) and several municipal transportation agencies.  If you ride a public bus in Raleigh, or a school bus in Forsyth County, you are riding on BesTreads tires.

The Town of Mocksville Public Works Department is also a BesTreads customer and they have been very pleased with the performance and convenience of skid steer and other heavy equipment tires supplied by BesTreads.

Generous Benefits
BesTreads pays 100% of the cost of employee health insurance and pays a full 50% of the cost for family policies.  When they announced their move from Winston-Salem to Davie County, BesTreads paid every employee a $50 per week fuel allowance to help offset the cost of travel to their new location until those who wished to move to Davie County could do so.

No Run-Around at BesTreads.  According to Harry Price, “This is a family run operation with attention to detail and customer service that a family run operation can provide.  When you call us, you go straight to the top.  Debbie directs the day-to-day operation of the business while I work with customers to determine the best retreads for their operations.  There are no committees or upper management to give you the run around.”

For information on job opportunities at BesTreads, visit Temporary Resources at 562 Valley Road in Mocksville.  For information on other job openings in and around Davie County, please visit Davie County Jobs.

Join us as we welcome BesTreads to Mocksville and Davie County.

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