Blue, Blue Blue…Law Enforcement Appreciation!

Project Blue Light MocksvilleChange One Light to Blue on this New Year’s Day
Beginning on New Year’s Day and thru January 9th, 2016, please consider placing a blue light in a window or on your porch to show your support for your law enforcement officers. Blue light bulbs are available at the Mocksville Town Hall for $1.50.

Why Blue Light a Cop?
By displaying blue lights, you will be sending a dual message: that you support America’s peacemakers and that you hope the coming year will be a year of peace. You will be showing your support for those officers who have made the supreme sacrifice and honoring those officers who continue to work and serve their communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year in and year out. It will also make a statement that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible careers that officers have chosen, in public service to us all.

Not Just a Job – Law Enforcement is A Calling  – “To Protect and Serve”
“Law enforcement” is the term that describes the individuals and agencies responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining public order and public safety. Law enforcement includes the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension and detention of individuals suspected of law violation.

Can you imagine going to work each day and wondering if you’ll survive your shift and see your family that night? Most people can’t. But in law enforcement, this is a fact of life. Each day 780,000 police officers across our country put a badge on and go to work knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations. Yet, they go to work anyway. Being a law enforcement officer is not just a job, it is a calling.  Law enforcement is challenging, officer’s hours are often difficult, responsibility is enormous and in general; public service is no easy task. At times there is little appreciation for the career they have chosen and the sacrifices they make. However, when confronted with why this choice? The response – to protect and serve is rewarding.

January 1-9 Project Blue Light – January 9 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!
Project Blue Light will culminate on January 9th, 2016, when Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S.) and partnering organizations will unite in support of law enforcement officers nationwide to promote a National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.).