Casting Call ~ Auditions this Saturday!

Davie County Arts Council Auditions for production of The 25th Annaul Putnam County Spelling BeeThe Davie County Arts Council and the Brock Players will host auditions for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at 10:00 AM this Saturday, January 5th, 2013.

This Tony Award winning musical comedy centers on a fictional spelling bee set in a geographically ambiguous Putnam Valley Middle School.

Six quirky adolescents compete in the bee, run by three equally-quirky grown-ups.

If you have not been to see a Brock Players production yet, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” would provide a wonderful introduction to the Brock Players and Community Theater productions from the Davie County Arts Council.

Audition Preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with the musical.
  • Know which character(s) for which you would like to audition.
  • Prepare a song to sing.  This is a song of your choice; it should show your range and less than a minute-and-a-half.  Bring the sheet music with you and the Music Director will accompany you.  He will also establish vocal range after you sing.
  • Be prepared for a basic dance audition.  Don’t be worried if you aren’t a dancer!   You will be asked to learn and perform a short, simple combination to help assess your movement potential.
  • Be prepared for some improvisational acting.  You may be asked to spell something as if you were in a spelling bee!
  • Think of two moments that happened to you at school (preferably during elementary or middle school years) that you can tell the casting team about: one situation either scary or embarrassing, the other either exciting or surprising.
  • If you are auditioning for the role of Marcy, be prepared to show other talents.  This could be playing piano, juggling, acrobatics, or any great talent!
  • If you are called back, you will be given sides (short segments of the script) to look at and work on with the other actors.

For additional information on the Davie County Arts Council, the Brock Players and the Brock Performing Arts Center, please visit www.daviearts.org