Davie County Industry & Education Join Forces for Workforce Development

Davie County Partnership for Workforce Development 2014

Left to Right: Dr. Mary Rittling, President of Davidson County Community College (DCCC); Kerry Smith, instructor of advanced manufacturing at DCCC; David Koontz, instructor of drafting and technology at Davie County High School; Dr. Darrin Hartness, Superintendent of Davie County Schools

The Davie County Economic Development Commission (EDC) has announced the Partnership for Workforce Development.  The Partnership for Workforce Development is a partnership between Davie County industry, the EDC, the Davie County School System, and Davidson County Community College.  This Partnership combines the building blocks for continued economic development in Davie County.

Thousands of new jobs have been created in Davie County over the last 5 years in the areas of advanced manufacturing, health care, engineering, quality control, logistics, warehousing and distribution.  The Partnership for Workforce Development will help Davie County students acquire the skills for success in the 21st century job market while providing a source of talent for local employers.

The Partnership for Workforce Development brings industry and education together enriching learning in Davie County schools and better preparing our students for success in an ever more competitive and global job market.

Local business leaders, as members of the Partnership, are providing robust 2 week summer internships that provide real world immersion experiences to local teachers. The internships will inform and renew teachers’ understanding of organizational culture and the current expectations of local industry for both technical and interpersonal skills.

Teachers will incorporate what they learn into the classroom curriculum to better prepare students for the 21st century workforce.  They will also share what they learn with other teachers during professional development presentations they will prepare and deliver.

How it Works
Immersion Experiences:  Selected teachers will participate in intensive 2 week internships at the facilities of the industry partners during the summer months.

Professional Development:  Each teacher shall use the immersion experiences to develop and present at least one professional development opportunity at their institution within one year of the experience.

Curriculum Development:  Within one year of the experience each teacher must provide evidence that the immersion experience has been incorporated into the curriculum of their programs and outcome evidence that learning has occurred.

The initiative is already in full swing.  The Davie County School System and DCCC have named the participating teachers and local business leaders have committed to providing the internship opportunities this summer for first year participants.

Participating from Davie County High School is David Koontz, certified teacher of drafting and technology education for grades 9 through 12.  Participating from DCCC is Kerry Smith, instructor for advanced manufacturing at the college.  Participating local businesses include Ashley Furniture, Ingersoll Rand, Davie Medical Center and VF Jeans.

Together We Are Davie
The Partnership for Workforce Development is sponsored and funded by a generous grant from the Mebane Foundation through the Davie County Economic Development Commission’s 5 year economic development plan, Together We Are Davie.

Together We Are Davie was launched in December of 2013. Goals of the 5 year economic development capital campaign include the generation of 1,200 new jobs and $100 million in new corporate investments over the next 5 years.    The Partnership for Workforce Development is the first Davie County EDC initiative funded by private capital raised through Together We Are Davie.  It is expected that this successful private capital venture will be the first of many similar private capital campaigns to benefit Davie County.

“The Partnership for Workforce Development is a win-win for both Davie County students and for local industry,” said Terry Bralley, President of the Davie County’s Economic Development Commission. “Not only will it provide internships and opportunities helping educators prepare students for the workforce, it will produce students whose skills are responsive to the needs of 21st century employers.”