Davie County Students Raising Money & Awarding Grants

Does your school club have a service project idea, but lack money to get it started? Are you involved in a church youth group that could use a grant to fund an outreach project? You may be eligible for funding from the S.U.R.F. Board Youth Grantmakers.

S.U.R.F. (Students Understanding Real Futures) Board Youth Grantmakers
The SURF Board Youth Grantmakers, organized under the Davie Community Foundation, are a group of 18 high school students who wish to better the lives of Davie County young people by raising money and awarding grants to support youth-led projects.

Projects selected for grant awards must:

• Address general issues that impact the youth of Davie County.
• Involve at least two youth in planning & carrying out the project.
• Have an adult ally (21 or older)

How to Apply for a Grant
Download the grant application or pick up an application from the Davie Community Foundation at 194 Wilkesboro Street in Mocksville.

Applications for grants must be completed and submitted to the Davie Community Foundation by Friday, January 27th, 2012.  For more information, call 336-753-6903 or e-mail mcheek@daviefoundation.org.

Davie County Students are Making a Difference!
Young people in Davie County are giving back to their community using their time, talents, and treasures through SURF.  Young people are also being helped in numerous ways through the projects that the SURF Board funds.

The board was created in 2005 when a group of young people from a variety of backgrounds came together to discuss a youth-led philanthropy movement.

Since then, the S.U.R.F. Board has made grants each year ranging from $250 to $1,500. All of the projects supported have been organized and carried out by young people. Last year, S.U.R.F. granted a total of $2,900 to support several projects including a clothing closet and soup kitchen led by the Cooleemee First Baptist Youth, a tutoring program at the Early College, and equipment for the Davie County Young Filmmakers. By awarding these grants, board members empower other youth to carry out their projects while learning about decision making, handling money, and working as a group along the way.

How to Help
To raise money for grantmaking, the S.U.R.F. Board hosts a fundraiser each year. This year the board is hosting its first ever Popsicle 5k Run on February 4th, 2012. All proceeds from the Popsicle 5k Run will support youth-led projects which benefit youth.

You can play a part in empowering young people by joining us on February 4th for the Popsicle 5k Run! To learn more about the run and the S.U.R.F. grants process, visit the website at www.daviefoundation.org/surf, e-mail mcheek@daviefoundation.org, or call 336-753-6903.

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