Have Fun, Save Money & Live Longer at Davie County Farmers Markets

Mocksville Farmers Market

New Awnings at Mocksville Farmers Market

Every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – Admission is free and the benefits are endless!

Enjoy Davie County Farmers Markets each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the towns of Mocksville, Bermuda Run and Farmington according to the following schedule.

Wednesdays – Mocksville: The Mocksville Famers Market has been upgraded with wonderful and colorful awnings that provide cooling shade for farmers, customers… and produce.

The Mocksville Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays from 3-6 PM in the Mocksville Town Hall parking lot located at 171 South Clement Street in Mocksville, just a block down West Depot Street from the town square.

Have Fun, Save Money & Live Longer at the Mocksville Farmers Market every Wednesday

Mocksville Farmers Market Getting Bigger & Better
The Mocksville Farmers Market is growing and adding new producers for even more fresh, healthy and local products.  The following producers are among those who are expected to be attending the Mocksville market this Wednesday:

Hunter Farms: veggies, apples, sweet potatoes
Keiffer Farm: Muscadines, scuppernongs, veggies
Creek Ridge Farm: sweet potatoes, orka, honey
Aleen Steelman: veggies
Brenda’s Cakes: cakes and pies
Crater Farm: veggies, wreaths, pumpkins, plants
Marie Sawgraves: home made soaps
Lazy Elm Winery: Wine
Cresent Goodies: cookies, cakes, bread, pies
Phillip Hanes: veggies
Terry Dyson: honey
Tommy Speer: eggs

Fridays – Town of Bermuda Run: The Peachtree Farmers Market is open Fridays from 3:30-7 PM in the parking lot at Wake Forest Baptist Health Davie Medical Center in the Town of Bermuda Run.

Peachtree Farmers Market – So Much More Than Produce
In addition to produce, the Peachtree Farmers Market offers a variety of specialty items such as water buffalo cheese, seafood, meats, Moravian chicken pies, and handmade jewelry and pottery. Complete details can be found on the market’s Facebook page. The following producers are among those who attend the Peachtree Farmers Market each Friday.  Each Thursday, the Peachtree Farmers Market posts an updated list of vendors attending the market that Friday. 

  • Yellow Bell Farm
  • Cherry Hill Farm LLC
  • Treat Yourself!
  • Sweet Petunia Bakery
  • Fading D Farm LLC
  • Steele 5 Farm
  • Pixie Garden & Gifts Inc  
  • Creature Comforts
  • That Peanut Guy
  • MikNik Farm
  • Simple Chaos Farm
  • Somerset Farm
  • Ingram Strawberry Farm
  • Myers Mushrooms & More
  • Two Happy Potters  
  • Silver Muse  
  • A Full Measure
  • OBX seafood
  • Thomas Family Farm
  • Jillie’s Jam
  • Rustic Charm Confections

Saturdays – Farmington: The Farmington Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 8 AM until noon at the Farmington Community Center located at 1723 Farmington Road, Farmington.

Mocksville-Farmers-MarketHave fun shopping at Davie County farmers markets
The atmosphere at the Davie County farmers markets in Mocksville, Bermuda Run, and Farmington is warm and inviting.   Farmers markets provide an opportunity for local farmers to get together in a social setting along with members of the local community.  These gatherings strengthen communities, create a sense of belonging and ownership, and often lead to greater involvement in local issues by those who share a common interest in healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

Save money at Davie County farmers markets
One of the reasons to shop at a farmers market is to support the local economy.  Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community.  The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive.

Farmer’s markets in North Carolina are not taxed which saves you money by making the products purchased a greater value.  In essence, a person is getting 6.5 percent more product for their money through the elimination of sales tax.

Live Longer Consuming Local Produce from Davie County farmers markets
There are distinct health benefits to eating local, fresh produce.  One of these benefits is that fresh produce is harvested when it is ripe.  The greatest amount of vitamins naturally found in produce is available ONLY when the crop is picked ripened.  Most chain stores purchase produce from other states, and therefore the crops are picked early and ripen off the vine in a truck.  This renders the vitamins much weaker to the consumer.

Another health benefit is that because the produce is not shipped, it does not need to be waxed or treated.  This again gives the produce not only an excellent flavor, but also makes it a healthier choice.  Finally, most area farmers markets offer organic choices, eliminating pesticides from your diet.

Everyone benefits when dollars stay in the local community.  The farmers are supported and can continue to grow their crops, and the money spent stays in the community rather than being shipped elsewhere.  This helps the local economy thrive.

For even more ways to save while supporting your friends and neighbors please check out iShopDavie, an exciting and rewarding program from your Davie County Chamber of Commerce.

Have fun, save money & live longer by frequenting your Davie County Farmers Markets.  Your family will thank you.