Ingersoll Rand Brings Over 200 Additional Manufacturing Jobs to Mocksville!

Phil Wekenmann, the Plant Manager at Ingersoll Rand in Mocksville provided an upbeat update to community leaders from across Davie County at a recent quarterly update meeting hosted by the Davie County Economic Development Commission.

Over the last 18 months, Ingersoll Rand has hired more than 200 people for the manufacturing plant in Mocksville as employment there has more than doubled.

Mocksville Plant Wins Ingersoll Rand Chairman’s Award
Continuing a 100 year old tradition of innovation in manufacturing, Ingersoll Rand has invested over 8.2 million dollars in capital improvements in 2010, enhancing  and modernizing operations at the Ingersoll Rand manufacturing plant in Mocksville.  One indication of the importance and quality of the work being done here, the Ingersoll Rand plant in Mocksville was awarded the IR Chariman’s Award last year, a prestigious corporate award given out annually to only one plant world-wide.

While low labor costs in developing countries have driven many manufacturing jobs off-shore, the manufacturing jobs brought to Mocksville require advanced machining and technical skills that are simply not available in developing countries.

Mocksville Plant Named Ingersoll Rand “Center of Excellence”
Producing the world’s best compressors requires manufacturing to precision tolerances down to the single micron level and the complex geometry of 5 axis machining.  The Mocksville Ingersoll Rand plant, with 425,000 square feet under roof on a 130 acre campus established in 1965, is an ISO 9000 certified manufacturing center and an Ingersoll Rand Manufacturing Center of Excellence.

Workforce Development Programs Help Davie County Compete With the World
The rich history of manufacturing in Davie County combined with strong local workforce development  programs and committed local leadership have positioned Mocksville and Davie County to compete successfully with manufacturing plants across the globe to bring these manufacturing jobs to Mocksville.

Local workforce development programs in Davie County and North Carolina have been key components of the Ingersoll Rand success story in Mocksville.  Workforce development includes programs from:

  • North Carolina Department of Labor
  • North Carolina Department of Commerce
  • Davie County Economic Development Commission
  • Davie County Chamber of Commerce
  • North Carolina Employment Security Commission
  • Davie Campus of Davidson County Community College
  • Northwest Piedmont Workforce Development Board
  • North Carolina Incumbent Workforce Development Board

State and Local Leaders Playing Key Role
Partnerships with these organizations have been facilitated by North Carolina State Representative Julia Howard, North Carolina State Senator Andrew Brock Davie County Manager Beth Dirks, Davie County Deputy County Manager James Stockert, Davie County Economic Development Commission President Terry Bralley, Davie County Chamber of Commerce President Carolyn McManamy and other community leaders and organizations from across Davie County and the state of North Carolina.

Davie County is Open for Business!
To find out more about doing business in Davie County, including workforce development programs, state and local incentives, please contact Terry Bralley, President of the Davie County Economic Development Commission at telephone number 336 751-2714 or via email to