iShopDavie – SHOP local, SAVE money & GROW our economy!

ishopdaviewb01Our community thrives when we choose to purchase goods and services where we live, pay taxes and send our kids to school!

Something as simple as going out to dinner at a local restaurant helps to strengthen the quality of life here at home by investing in our businesses, keeping jobs in our community, and the sales tax paid to local businesses stays in Davie County. This sales tax supports our law enforcement, our fire-fighters, our education system, our parks, and our way of life.

When local businesses succeed, more jobs stay right in our backyard, which also means more employees spending money in our community.

As local businesses grow, they tend to donate to and support local non-profits and charitable causes that care for you and your neighbors, making our community a better place to live.

The Davie County Chamber of Commerce’s “Shop Local” campaign is designed to shine a spotlight on the importance of supporting businesses in Davie County. The iShopDavie tab on the Chamber’s website highlights deals at local businesses or download the app so that you take advantage of local deals on the run.

iShopdavie LogoThink Davie First!
“We want residents to think
Davie First because every time money is spent out of the county it’s improving someone else’s community, not ours,” said Carolyn McManamy, president of the Davie County Chamber of Commerce.  “We all want to live in a strong and vibrant community and so it makes sense that doing our business in Davie County – like shopping, dining, and getting gas as well as using local landscapers, banks and doctors makes a tremendous impact here.  Simply put – it really matters where we spend our money.”

“Local shopping is crucial to our continued growth, because the success of local businesses attracts and encourages other entrepreneurs to start local businesses, which leads to more jobs and revenue re-circulating throughout our community, said Terry Bralley, president of Davie County Economic Development.

It matters where we spend our money! Think before you spend – check out what’s already here in Davie County.

For more information, contact the Davie County Chamber of Commerce at (336) 751-3304 or email