Jennifer Evens Assumes Role as Mocksville’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Evens, Mocksville’s new marketing and communications coordinator, has big plans for the town.

Bright and early on Monday morning, Jennifer Evens stepped into her new role as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Town of Mocksville. Having spent the past several months shadowing her predecessor, the recently retired Tami Langdon, Evens is poised to make a significant impact in her new position.

Not every incoming hire gets the unique opportunity to receive guidance from their predecessor, and Evens is sincerely appreciative of the knowledge and insights she gained from Langdon. “Working alongside Tami has been an absolute delight! She has been an invaluable mentor, teaching me to approach challenges with humor, how to effectively de-escalate situations, and even a dash of sarcasm.”

She expressed her fondness for Langdon, saying, “I will miss her greatly, but she assured me that she’s just a phone call away. She won’t leave me hanging. In fact, she’s generously volunteering through the end of the year to assist with major events like the Oaks Festival, bed races, and the Christmas parade, ensuring I’m well-prepared to manage them myself next year. I also know I can count on her for support whenever I need it. The Town Hall team has been amazing, and we function exceptionally well together.”

Although originally hailing from Florida, Evens considers herself a true Davie County resident, having moved here with her family in 2002 when she was in the 2nd grade. Her father, an aerospace engineer, was given the choice to relocate to Miami, South Carolina, or North Carolina. After visiting all three options, the family fell in love with North Carolina.

She attended Shady Grove Elementary School, the same school her daughter now attends, followed by William Ellis Middle School and Davie County High School. Initially pursuing a medical career, she spent two semesters at Winston-Salem State University. However, after her first year, she transferred to High Point University, where she promptly changed her major to communications upon stepping foot in the Nido Qubein School of Communications. In 2019, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications. During the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020, she decided to pursue a master’s degree, and in July 2023, she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master of Arts in Communications, specializing in New Media Marketing.

Throughout her educational journey, she gained practical experience working in the High Point Housing Authority Public Relations and Social Media Marketing department, where she honed her skills in social media marketing for a government organization.

Evens is enthusiastic about the unique perspective her background provides for her new role. “Growing up in Davie County and enjoying local spots like Scoops and Rich Park has given me a deep connection to this community. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth of our town.”

While Evens is dedicated to preserving Mocksville’s traditional events, she also has exciting new plans in store. “I’m currently working on a surprise event for the Christmas season and planning a block party for next year. My primary goal is to attract a younger crowd and families to our downtown area, ensuring there’s something enjoyable for everyone. I have numerous innovative ideas to add a fresh twist to Downtown Mocksville.”

Jennifer Evens, along with her husband and daughter, cherishes their life in Davie County. In her leisure time, she indulges in hobbies like skating, cooking, and watching anime.

If you wish to get in touch with Jennifer Evens, you can reach her at (336) 753-6705 or via email at