PHILANTHROPY PHYLLIS Celebrates! Thank you, Davie County!

Philanthropy Phyllis spent the month of December learning about the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise. She also took time to meet many of the local businesses who support the program. She now understands what a wonderful benefit the Promise offers to any resident of Davie County who attends school in the county. Philanthropy Phyllis plans to take advantage of the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise after graduation and start school at Davidson-Davie Community College in Fall 2024. She absolutely cannot wait to get started!

Right before Christmas, Philanthropy Phyllis was thrilled to learn that Davie County met the endowment fundraising goal of $3 Million! Commitments actually surpassed the goal! This makes IGNITE DAVIE College Promise a reality for future generations of Davie students. Philanthropy Phyllis called it a true Christmas miracle!

Philanthropy Phyllis joined the Davie Community Foundation Board and spouses for a holiday dinner and heard the amazing news! She was excited to celebrate with them. Meeting the $3 Million endowment goal was not the only good news shared at the dinner. Philanthropy Phyllis heard that Representative Julia Howard was successful in securing a $500,000 grant for IGNITE DAVIE College Promise! The grant monies can’t be added to the endowment, but they can pay for the costs of the program for the next two years. What amazing news – a second Christmas miracle!!!

Philanthropy Phyllis called Julia Howard to thank her and asked to meet her to express her gratitude in person. Julia Howard was delighted to receive a big hug from Philanthropy Phyllis!

Philanthropy Phyllis and the IGNITE DAVIE partners thank representative Julia Howard and all of the contributors who helped make IGNITE DAVIE College Promise a permanent program for Davie residents! “This is wonderful news, and again this is the kind of project that makes Davie County such a special place!” said Terry Bralley, President, Davie County Economic Development.  “This will have a lasting effect for Davie County,” said County Commissioner Terry Renegar. 

“It has been a long road since we announced the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise at a Davie County High School football game in 2019! It feels so good to finally reach the goal!” said Jane Simpson, Davie Community Foundation President. “We are all in agreement, Davie County truly is igniting the future of its youth, and now it will continue for generations to come!” 

The Davie Community Foundation Inc. “inspires philanthropy to strengthen Davie County for present and future generations.” The Foundation is working to promote a spirit of giving in our community and build a permanent endowment that is invested forever. Earnings from the endowment will benefit Davie County organizations and projects that are important to you. The Foundation accepts gifts in any amount, at any time, for an existing fund; the Community Scholarship Fund; or the Davie Community Impact Fund. A variety of options for establishment of named funds in honor or memory are also available. To learn more about the Davie Community Foundation. contact Jane Simpson at (336) 753-6903 or  or visit the Foundation web-site at