Power Tray, LLC Selects Davie County for New Manufacturing Operation!

Power Tray~ Earth Friendly Packaging for the Food IndustryDavie County is Home to One of the Most Important “Green” Initiatives in the Country
Power Tray, LLC produces environmentally friendly packaging from renewable resources. One of the most important “green” initiatives in the country, Power Tray packaging is designed to replace the Styrofoam packaging used throughout the food industry. Production in the facility is ramping up and by this fall Power Tray LLC expects to be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with production running into the hundreds of millions annually.

Power Tray, LLC Selects Davie County
After looking at hundreds of buildings and sites throughout the southeastern United States, Jay Hilbish, President of Power Tray, LLC chose Davie County and purchased a 109,000 square foot building to establish his manufacturing plant. We sat down with Jay last week and talked about why he selected Davie County…

Davie County Offers Optimal Mix
High volume manufacturing requires a location with access to a highly skilled workforce, efficient access to customers and suppliers, and modern, high capacity power, technology, water, sewer and highway infrastructure. Jay found that Davie County offers the optimal mix of manufacturing space, workforce talent, industrial supplier capacity and a very favorable business climate.

Leaders Work Together
In addition to the quantifiable requirements of land, labor and capital, Jay talked about other aspects of business location that are more difficult to quantify but just as important for long term success; a coalition of business entrepreneurs and civic leaders who work together to solve problems. Jay shared an example that highlights this unique Davie County quality. A manufacturer near the Power Tray, LLC plant offered the use of a 40,000 lb capacity forklift. Power Tray, LLC borrowed the forklift for 2 days to unload and place manufacturing equipment shipped from Indiana.

Monday Morning Quarterback
In one of the most compelling segments of the video above, Jay talks about the Monday morning quarterback experience common to many business owners as they reflect on events and decisions made years ago that impact the success of the enterprise. Looking back, Jay affirms that locating in Davie County has been great for Power Tray, LLC.

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