Pro Refrigeration’s PROGreen Solutions Series of Chiller Systems Gains Traction in Craft Beverage Industry

Pro Refrigeration, a leading provider of cooling solutions for the craft beverage and dairy industry, announced that Southern Distilling Company, based in Statesville, NC, has chosen its cutting-edge PROChiller System for its latest expansion. This marks their third purchase of a PROChiller System, showcasing their unwavering trust in Pro Refrigeration’s cooling solutions since their inception.

For their latest venture, Southern Distilling Company has opted for the state-of-the-art PROGreen Solutions series of chiller systems. The PROGreen 100 HP Chiller System, the first of its kind, harnesses the power of the environmentally friendly refrigerant R744 (CO2). With an impressive Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of 1, R744 sets the benchmark for sustainability. In stark contrast, Pro’s leading chemical option has a GWP rating over 1,000 times higher, measuring at 1273.

“As leaders in the distilling industry, Southern Distilling is an ideal customer,” said Jim VanderGiessen, CEO of PRO Refrigeration. “They have high expectations that have challenged us to provide the most efficient, next-level cooling solutions. We can’t wait to get this new system online and operating.”

Pro Refrigeration, which established its East Coast manufacturing site in Mocksville in 2013, began producing its natural-refrigerant systems at the plant in 2021. 

The benefits of this new system go beyond environmental advantages. The PROGreen System ensures enhanced cooling efficiency by effectively transferring more BTU/HR with reduced kW consumption. This results in significant energy savings for the distillery, making their operations more cost-effective. Additionally, the system offers valuable heat recovery capabilities, allowing the distillery to repurpose waste heat, which is typically discharged into the environment, as the primary heat source for fulfilling their hot water requirements.

“I really appreciate that our new PROChiller uses a refrigerant that will never be phased out, unlike the refrigerant used in our current chiller systems and other options we’ve considered,” provided Peter Barger, CEO of Southern Distilling. “For the PROGreen system to also operate more efficiently and allow me to reduce my boiler load by almost 50%, this will change how distilleries are built in the future.”

By investing in the  PROChiller System, Southern Distilling Company demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. This strategic purchase represents a significant step towards realizing its sustainability goals.

About Pro Refrigeration, Inc.

Based in Auburn, WA, with production in Mocksville, NC, PRO Refrigeration, Inc. stands at the forefront of cooling technology and equipment for the craft beverage and dairy industries in the United States. With a track record dating back to 1990, PRO has built a reputation for manufacturing top-quality equipment and innovative solutions, delivering chilled fluid within a temperature range of -45°F to +45°F. In 2020, PRO established the PROGreen Solutions Team, dedicated to the adoption of natural refrigerants, marking a pivotal shift away from chemical-based alternatives. Visit to explore Pro Refrigeration’s comprehensive offerings, and for more information on their transition to natural refrigerants, visit