Public Invited to Mocksville’s Budget Retreat This Saturday 

Have you ever wondered how the Town of Mocksville sets its budget and determines how to allocate your tax dollars? Now is your opportunity to find out. 

Mayor Will Marklin and the Mocksville Board of Commissioners invite you to attend the Town’s FY2022-2023 Budget Retreat on February 5, 2022, at 8 a.m at Davidson-Davie Community College, 1205 Salisbury Street. 

While the budget retreat has always been open to residents, this year the Board decided to go a step further and issue a more public invitation. 

It’s all about transparency, according to Town Manager Ken Gamble.

“The Town wants to be transparent during the budget process and provide the public ample opportunity to be educated on the many challenges facing the Town. It’s important for our residents to have the opportunity to learn about how local government works and how we spend their tax dollars.”   

During the budget retreat, the Board will hear from Gamble and department heads regarding expected trends and operational needs for the budget that starts July 1. 2022.

The morning portion of the program will be held in Room 110 of the College’s administration building. The Board will learn about economic development initiatives, infrastructure investment, strategic planning updates, and operational needs. The Board will then move to the Mocksville Fire Department for facility tours, an equipment display, and department presentations. 

Mocksville Commissioner Jenny Stevenson encourages residents to attend, and said, “As a new board member, I am excited about my first budget retreat and hope the residents of Mocksville will take the time to come and learn more about the interworkings of our town.” 

Gamble shared this year’s agenda:

  • Economic Development Forecast – Terry Bralley – Davie County EDC
  • Infrastructure – Chuck Willis – Willis Engineering
  • Strategic Planning Update – Ken Gamble 
  • Modified Zero Based Budgeting – Ken Gamble
  • Water & Sewer – Justin Turbyfill – Envirolink
  • Administration – Lynn Trivette
  • Human Resources – Emily Quance
  • Community Development – Tami Langdon
  • Recess Meeting & Reconvene at Mocksville Fire Department
  • Fire Department & Public Works Facilities Tour – Chief Carter & Brian Moore
  • Static Equipment Display – Brian Moore & Chris Vaughn
  • Working Lunch
  • Fire Department – Chief Carter
  • Parks & Grounds – Chris Vaughn
  • Public Works – Brian Moore
  • Final Items & Wrap-Up – Ken Gamble

For more information, call (336) 753-6700 or visit the Town of Mocksville website.