Senior Community Service Employment Program Update

Senior Community Service Employment Program

DAVIE COUNTY, NC—If you are a mature adult who is 55 or older and seeking employment, this may be the opportunity for you. The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is designed to assist older workers with enhancing their employability skills and developing new ones to compete in today’s job market.

The SCSEP offers:

  • Training opportunities in non-profit and government agencies
  • 20 weekly paid hours of employment training
  • Opportunities to be placed in clerical, data entry, food service, maintenance, transportation, childcare, and other fields
  • Training income based on the federal minimum wage rate of pay

Assignments to government or non-profit agencies offer individuals the potential to improve and gain new work experiences. Additional training may be offered to expand knowledge of resume development, improving interview skills, computer technology, and other related workforce activities.

If you are a resident of Davidson or Davie County and would like to schedule an appointment to determine eligibility for the program, contact Denise Griffin at (336) 236- 2337 or via email at dgriffin@wsurban.org