South-Sourcing: The Southern Advantage!

bookcoverI just finished reading a terrific book by Joe Hollingsworth, Jr. “The Southern Advantage.”

With lots of facts and figures and anecdotes that bring them to life, the advantage of being located in the southern US is clearly demonstrated.

Affordability and Economic Vitality
The underlying economic fundamentals of the South have transformed the profitability of companies and entire industries that had the foresight to locate in the world’s 4th largest economy.  Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other foreign automakers clearly did their homework when deciding to locate their North American operations in the south.

In the span of half a century the south has been transformed from a primarily agricultural economy into a key player in both the US and the world economies.

Quality of life, low taxes, a skilled work force and proximity to markets all contribute to the southern advantage, and the Davie County advantage!

Davie County, once a largely agrarian society, was transformed at the turn of the 20th century into a center for textile manufacturing.  As textile manufacturing waned, Davie County went through another transformation, from textile manufacturing to furniture manufacturing.

Until recently, furniture manufacturing was a key industry in Davie County. Over the last several years, the closings of Baker Furniture, Lexington Industries, and other furniture manufacturing plants has displaced close to 500 skilled workers in Davie County.

Many of these skilled workers have found success as Davie County has become home to a growing base of companies in the advanced manufacturing and precision machining sectors.  From Ingersoll Rand to Avgol, and from Kaydon to Gesipa, the advanced manufacturing and precision machining sectors have benefitted from an existing base of skilled workers in Davie County.

There are plenty of skilled workers from the furniture manufacturing industry in Davie County still looking for opportunity.

The continued growth of advanced manufacturing, precision machining, health-care and information technology sectors has helped.  Continued investment in sites and facilities by companies that recognize the strengths and benefits of being located in Davie County have also helped.

Davie County’s great schools, quality of life, skilled work force, proximity to markets and other factors related to south-sourcing and the “Southern Advantage” makes an even brighter future for Davie County seem almost inevitable.  For more information on opportunities in Davie County, visit the web site for the Davie County Economic Development Commission at